Master The Art of Raising Capital!


Lead, influence and tap into your greatest power to become a money magnet.


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Learn where and how to effectively connect with qualified private investors for your real estate deals.

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Master the best presentation practices and strategies to double your results faster.

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"Taking The Art of Raising Capital helped me improve my confidence and skills raising capital by 10X. Now I am able to grow my portfolio at a faster rate. I highly recommend Jen's program for anyone looking to sharpen their skillset in Raising Capital"


Jenny Acosta, Flipper and Investor

After taking The Art of Raising Capital course with Jen, I was able to secure 2 private lenders in just 90 days. Not only have I developed the confidence to approach private lenders and make it enjoyable, but now I have a step-by-step guide to become a money magnet and grow my network exponentially.


Rob Ramirez, Note Investor & Engineer

The Art of Raising Capital really helped me kickstart not only my career but my curiosity about real estate investing. This program helped me set intentions & get results from a networking event and I started talking to potential investors. I am currently on my second investor and it could not have happened without Jen's intense training. Raising capital is truly an Art. 






Stephanie Vargas, Accountant & Investor

I have been actively involved in Real Estate for years as a Mortgage lender and I found the opportunity to take Jennifer's "The Art of Raising Capital" course, after taking this, I started seeing more opportunities out there to connect and help my clients with investments. For me, raising capital and mortgages just complimented each other and I have doubled my business opportunities and started building a team which provides more value to my clients.
 Ricky Ontiveros, Mortgage Lender